Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nutanix support delivers world class support - no surprise!

Omega Management Group recognized 35 companies for “Delivering World-Class Customer Service” in 2013. Nutanix is one of the companies that received the award based on top-notch Net Promoter Score and Overall Customer Satisfaction score. We received a whopping +73 for our NPS for the calendar year 2013, and close to 4.7 on a 5 point scale for Customer Satisfaction.

As an Engineer from Nutanix Customer Support Organization, IMO, these are the reasons why Nutanix consistently received high ratings in the survey.

Customer First: Customer focus is *everyone’s* top priority, not just the Customer Support team - it runs very deep in the veins of the entire organization, all the way from the top (CEO watches the customer support cases/scores and twitter for feedback) to individual contributors. Customer issue trumps cool feature development - it’ not just maintenance - and is accorded the highest priority. Nutanix Support team works as a true extension to Nutanix Engineering.

Closing the loop: After resolving the case, SRE team works closely with Engineering on preventing similar issues in other modules, QA augments the existing test suite (creates new and/or modifies existing test cases) to catch similar issues in-house, Documentation team works on fixing any documentation gaps, as needed. The Customer Support team actively participates in these activities, to continually improve the end-user experience.

The Sales team works closely with the Customer, Support and Engineering to develop workarounds until a fix is made available. They make sure that the loop is closed (it does not hurt to have a technically savvy sales team either :-).

The Product Management team monitors the on-call and support issues and provides feedback to engineering on serviceability aspects of the current product and in-flight features.

Finally, each member of  Support team has expertise in multiple areas (Networking, Virtualization, Storage and Compute) - If your product is converged, your support team's skills need to be converged as well.

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