Thursday, July 25, 2013

CBRC storage Accelerator stats

/~ # vsish
/> cat /vmkModules/cbrc_filter/dcacheStats
CBRC cache statistics {
   Cache chunk size:4096
   Number of LRU lists:100
   Number of hash buckets:5000
   Total buffers:262144
   Buffers with memory allocated:262144
   Minimum requirement of alloced buffers:0
   VMs using cache:9
   VMs using active cache:9
   Stats counters:Data cache counters {
      Active buffers:0
      Buffer invalidations:0
      Evicts of valid buffers:0
      Evicts of valid buffers during getfreebuf:0
      VM issued read io count:1003241
      VM issued write io count:291538
      Read io count within cache limits:1001264
      Write io count within cache limits:291538
      Backend io read count:270005
      Backend io write count:291445
      Abort count:0
      Reset count:170
      Digest not found count:213818
      Skipped read count:1977
      Backened io read failures:0
      Getfreebuf failures:0
      On demand buf alloc failures:0
      Deleted during fetch count:0
      Transit during fetch count:168814
      Transit Pop count:168814
      Transit waits:0
      Timeouts in buffer transit waits:0
      Transit errors:0
      Cache fill io errors:0
      Copy to user buf errors:0
      Races in getting free buffers:56868
      Reclaimed buffers:0


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