Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Host profiles - how to remove irrelavant config check

Host profiles create sample config of the ESXi server, and you can apply that
to all nodes in that cluster.



Here I can right click on iqn on SWiscsi to remove the non-relevant checks.

I remove it from the bottom. Then I apply this profile to the cluster.

For eg.
Option Syslog.global.logDir doesn't match the specified criteria

Original config was:

Changed to the following to prevent error:

PS C:\Users\Nutanix01> Get-VMhostprofile

Name Description ReferenceHostId
---- ----------- ---------------
esx5_host_profile Base ESX5 Host Profile HostSystem-host-9
esxi3 HostSystem-host-107

PS C:\Users\Nutanix01> Get-VMhostprofile esxi3 |fl

ServerId : /VIServer=root@ip/
Server : ip
Description :
ReferenceHostId : HostSystem-host-107
ReferenceHost : ip
Name : esxi3
ExtensionData : VMware.Vim.HostProfile
Id : HostProfile-hostprofile-2001
Uid : /VIServer=root@ip:443/VMHostProfile=HostProfile-hostprofile-2001/

Test-VMHostProfileCompliance -Profile esxi3

PS C:\Users\Nutanix01> Test-VMHostProfileCompliance -Profile esxi3

VMHostId VMHostProf IncomplianceElementList
-------- ---------- -----------------------
HostSys... HostPro... {:Host is unavailable for checking compliance.}
HostSys... HostPro... {network.hostPortGroup["key-vim-profile-host-HostPortgrou...
HostSys... HostPro... {storage.psa_psaProfile_PluggableStorageArchitectureProfi...
HostSys... HostPro... {storage.psa_psaProfile_PluggableStorageArchitectureProfi...

Sample to create a hostprofile

PS C:\Users\Nutanix01> Get-VMHost Name |New-VMHostProfile -Name "Server4"

Name Description ReferenceHostId
---- ----------- ---------------
Server4 HostSystem-host-65

PS C:\Users\Nutanix01> Get-VMHostProfile -ReferenceHost ip

Name Description ReferenceHostId
---- ----------- ---------------
Server4 HostSystem-host-65

PS C:\Users\Nutanix01> Get-VMHost ip |Apply-VMHostProfile -AssociateOnly -Profile Server4

new-vm -Name WinAtlas2 -VMhost 172.ip -Template Atlas_Windows_Template -Datastore Atlas-NTNX-datastore